From the artist:

"I've always felt motivated to create art and to work with my hands.  I look at art as a vehicle of expression beyond words.  Working with textiles allows me to push boundaries and create a story that conveys a sense of tactile warmth and character to my work.  I want to draw the viewer in and invite them to touch and feel the energy of the piece.


Artistic composition is my favorite part in the process of creating a piece.  Inspiration comes in many forms: nature, architecture, people,  places, experiences.  Concepts formulate during  quiet times while walking my dog or in the twilight of sleep.   Hours are spent in contemplation about the design, and in the selection of fabrics and materials with special surface appearance or tactile qualities. I like to use color to create drama, interest, and dimension. I quite often apply fibers and embellishments or hand painted elements for extra punch. 


I love the fact that my piece always has a voice and develops its own character.  Very often the image that emerges is quite different from my original concept.  This is wonderful and fills me with a creative sense of accomplishment.


My work has been published in the Quilter Magazine, and has won several awards (including Best in Show) in local and national fine art and textile exhibitions.  It has also been featured at: the Whistler House Museum, Brush Art Gallery, and the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts. 

I am an Artist at the Brush Art Gallery & Studios, 256 Market Street,  Lowell, MA. 01852.

I am a member of the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA), the Whistler House Museum, Arts  Institute Group of the Merrimack  Valley,  Andovers Artist Guild, Hannah Dustin Quilt Guild, and the Merrimack Valley Quilters Guild. "


-Janice M. Jones

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